" As a School Trustee, I have proven to be a
well-organised, budget-conscious, collaborative leader and problem-solver.  I truly care about our children and I am deeply committed to strengthening our schools and ensuring the highest quality of education possible through innovative and fiscally responsible ways."

Guiding Principles:

  1. Quality Education:  I am committed to ensuring we deliver the best possible education for our students, in a fiscally responsible manner.  

  2. Engaging 21st Century Learners:  As a parent, I tell my daughters that it is my job to ensure they are nurtured – mind, body and spirit, so that they can realise their full potential. I believe that the programs and policies that we set at the Board level need to ensure that our school system similarly cultivates our students, while also demonstrating a commitment to 21st Century Learning. This also includes the overall safety and well-being of our students and staff and their learning and working environment. 

  3. Communication and Community Engagement:  I strive to ensure open and honest communication with the staff, parents and residents in my ward, and the Division overall. When making decisions, I always consider different points of view and perspectives from various stakeholder groups.