"Since being elected four years ago, Jaime has demonstrated that she has the necessary skills, experience and personal characteristics to make decisions based on the best interests of students. She is thoughtful, respectful and approachable. I encourage you to give Jaime one of your three votes in Ward 1." 
​                                                                                                    -Gail Watson, retired School Trustee

I first met Jaime Glenat in September 1993 when she was in grade 12. I was her high school principal and she was the president of the student council. She was very organized, accomplished the goals she set, made good decisions and she had the respect of the student body and the staff. She was a good student too and I was confident that she would make a difference in society in her adult years. We reconnected when she ran for her first term as a School Trustee. When she was canvassing on my street I was thrilled that she wanted to make a difference in the education of children. So I asked to have one of her signs put up in my yard and I told her she had my support. She is a very bright young woman, a loving wife and mother. Her children attend schools in the Pembina Trails School Division.  I’m so pleased that she is running for a second term. She has my vote and I will encourage others in my ward to vote for her.
                                                                                                    -Dorothy Y. Young, Ph.D