Born in Winnipeg and raised in Headingley,

Jaime has lived in Charleswood for more than fifteen years with her husband, Chris Fedorchuk.
​Jaime and Chris are proud parents of two daughters, Addison (a student at École Charleswood School) and Grae (a student at École Dieppe). 


Jaime is a well-organized, cooperative leader and tireless problem solver who has long had an interest in serving her community. Since 2006, she has worked as a manager for a large Crown corporation and is actively involved in the corporate volunteer program. Jaime completed her Bachelor’s degree at Queen’s University and has a diploma in Public Relations from Humber College.

Jaime was honoured to be elected to the Pembina Trails Board of Trustees in 2014 and 2018.  She acted as Chair of the Board for 2018-19 and 2019-20.  She has also served on several Board Committees including Education, Finance, Communications & Community Relations, Buildings, Property & Transportation, Assiniboine South ​Early Years Healthy Child Coalition and various ad hoc and negotiation committees.

Jaime believes that a child’s education helps to shape their future and through her work with the School Board she strives to improve student achievement, while maintaining a strong community focus.  As a School Trustee, Jaime draws upon her experience in:

  • strategic and business planning; 
  • budget development; 
  • staff management; 
  • partnership development; and
  • communications. 

She will continue to work diligently to help ensure that every child realises their full potential by maintaining/developing policies and resources, supporting the school board administration and staff and consulting with community groups, all while being fiscally responsible.  It’s no easy task, but then, Jaime has never shied away from a challenge.  

Jaime also likes to volunteer in her community at various charitable organizations including Winnipeg Harvest, Operation Red Nose and Manitoba Marathon. In her downtime she enjoys playing, dancing and singing with her kids, walking the dog through the forest or just sitting in silence and savouring a cup of coffee.